Michael Gunner resigns as NT chief minister; early voting opens; The Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese campaigns continue; Scott Morrison Defends Katherine Deves’ ‘Mutilation’ Comments; Clive Palmer’s UAP favored by the Liberal Party; Labor promise millions to Victorian Rail Loop

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will officially launch his re-election bid in Brisbane on Sunday, six days before Election Day.

The event will be one of the final events of the 2022 election campaign, and Morrison will use it to pitch directly to undecided voters.

Events like this are carefully staged with an array of senior ministers deployed to inflame party loyalists. And they usually see the leader unveil a major new policy as the centerpiece of their re-election pitch.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the Coalition’s campaign launch in Melbourne in 2019. Credit:Dominique Lorrimer

In 2019, Morrison launched his campaign in Melbourne and announced a first homebuyer loan scheme and $53 million for perinatal care.

The choice of where a leader launches his campaign can be important: Queensland is a state that can often swing big and at the start of the campaign, the Labor Party had high hopes of claiming three or four seats, including Brisbane and Longman in the state capital, as well as Flynn and Leichhardt in the regions. As the campaign progressed, some Liberals suggested there was an outside chance that the Labor seat held by Blair would be overthrown, although that was unlikely.

Labor hopes have now cooled and political strategists on both sides have said The Sydney Morning Herald and age there is a chance that no seat can change hands in the Sunshine State.

By officially launching Morrison’s campaign in Brisbane, the Coalition hopes to strengthen the party’s hold on the 23 of the 30 seats it currently holds in the House of Representatives.

The National Liberal Party is also waging a bitter struggle to re-elect its three senators. While James McGrath and Matt Canavan will certainly be back, as will Labour’s Murray Watt and Anthony Chisholm.

But the final two seats will see Amanda Stoker from the LNP, Pauline Hanson from One Nation, Clive Palmer from the UAP, Campbell Newman from the Liberal Democrats and Penny Allman-Payne from the Greens. Hanson is considered the most likely to win the fifth of the six available seats.

Anthony Albanese kicked off the Labor Party campaign in Perth on May 1, outlining the party’s hopes of claiming at least two seats in the resource state – Swan and Pearce. Albanese will also hold a campaign rally in Brisbane on Sunday, stressing the importance of winning seats in the state.

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