An unknown real estate investor discreetly secures a $ 32 million plot in the Vaucluse


Investor Ying Yu added to his already large real estate portfolio, buying an $ 8 million house in the quiet Vaucluse to create a family-friendly resort on a prime hillside property overlooking the Harbor Bridge for a total cost of over $ 32 million.

Yu, 39, has had an impressive real estate frenzy in recent years, most notably in September 2019 when she bought a nine-story building in North Sydney, formerly known as George Patterson House, for $ 115 million – well above the building’s $ 90 million guide. at the time.

A month later, she took possession of a $ 20 million Mosman Trophy home from Wilson Xue, China’s self-proclaimed “shoe king,” who is a former president of Pilot Energy and honorary advisor to the group. pressure from the Beijing Australian Council for the promotion of the peaceful reunification of China.

The large Vaucluse mansion with tennis court and swimming pool was bought by Ying Yu last year for $ 17.5 million.

While Yu’s registered home remains the Mosman Residence. A year ago, she bought a Vaucluse mansion with a tennis court and swimming pool for $ 17.5 million, adding the neighboring house for $ 7 million.

Yu’s $ 32.55 million plot of three houses on New South Head Road and his Mosman property were all purchased without the need for any financing.

Yu’s latest purchase for $ 8 million is almost double the $ 4.5 million the house was last traded in 2009 and takes his Vaucluse plot to over 2,200 square meters.

Real estate amalgamations are nothing new in Vaucluse. Down Yu Road, the 2,600-square-meter consolidation of two houses purchased for a total of $ 32 million in 2018 – for which the residences designed by Luigi Rosselli are now approved – was put back on the market in April for $ 45 million.

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