ABCoA disrupts the subprime industry with a funding platform

New Software Connects Dealers and Lenders, Integrates DMS and LMS, Simplifies and Accelerates Financing

JACKSONVILLE, Florida., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced Business Computers of America, Inc. (ABCoA) develops software solutions for used car dealerships and subprime finance companies. With a mission to pioneer the most advanced software ecosystem in the subprime mortgage industry, ABCoA adds a proprietary funding portal to its ecosystem within cyclCRM™. cyclCRM is the only Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution designed specifically for the Buy-Here-Pay-Here used car industry and fully integrated (two-way) with Dealer Management Software (DMS) and the loan management software (LMS). cyclCRM has transcended the traditional boundaries of a CRM as ABCoA has listened to customer needs and extended its benefits to dealers and lenders. cyclCRM is a unique application providing customer relationship management (CRM), loan origination software (LOS) and now an instant funding portal called Capsa.

The Capsa Financing Portal provides pre-approvals and instant financing for point-of-sale, seasoned or portfolio purchases, floor plans and consumer loans. For sellers (resellers), cyclCRM takes the consumer’s credit application, or full transaction information from the integrated DMS, and distributes it to buyers (lenders) using the Capsa funding portal. There, the seller can view the terms of multiple buyers in one place. Conversely, the buyer can see offers from sellers who meet their lending criteria and can accept the offer, change the terms, or reject it entirely. cyclCRM’s loan origination tools can automate pre-approval, acceptance or rejection based on dynamic scoring models and integrations, allowing lenders to fund transactions in real time. When a transaction is accepted, cyclCRM securely transfers all information, including electronic documents and stips stored in their digital document vault, from the seller’s DMS to the buyer’s LMS.

Combine cyclCRM’s automated scoring with its Capsa funding portal to make dynamic underwriting decisions at scale. Combine cyclCRM with ABCoA’s flagship DMS Deal Pack® to create a fully automated experience for dealers, lenders and consumers – from lead generation (automates credit application, scoring, decision making, messaging , campaigns, and workflows) in the office, e-signature, instant funding, and service. By minimizing human contact and third-party exports, Deal Pack and cyclCRM not only increase security and reduce legal risks related to consumer data, but also ensure that business is conducted in a timely and compliant manner. cyclCRM works in concert with the DMS and LMS to improve operations and eliminate friction in the customer experience, providing users with incredible performance improvements through intelligent automation at every level.

“By creating an integrated ecosystem with next-generation technology, we’ve created superior customer experiences and enabled far greater operational efficiency and profitability for used car dealerships and lenders,” concluded Tomasz Jablonski, ABCoA’s Emeritus Software Architect. The collaboration between Deal Pack and cyclCRM provides the subprime mortgage industry with a complete end-to-end software ecosystem that improves profits and processing time with less staff. cyclCRM transforms what was a painful process into a quick and easy experience with unmatched value in the industry.

If you would like to learn more about how cyclCRM’s Capsa funding portal can benefit your business, Mr. Jonathan HedyChairman of ABCoA, will present Capsa at the AFSA Independent Conference, Booth #404, at Palm Springs this May and the NIADA convention, Booth #365, at Vegas this month of June.

About Advanced Business Computers of America, Inc.

Advanced Business Computers of America, Inc. (ABCoA) is a software-as-a-service company focused on transforming the subprime mortgage industry. Since 1983, ABCoA has been helping auto dealerships and finance companies eliminate duplication, stay compliant, and succeed with fully integrated software and reliable support. Its cloud-native ecosystem seamlessly connects every part of business operations. Based at Jacksonville, Florida with employees in four states, and recently awarded Best Online Accounting Software for Transaction Pack (based on customer satisfaction x usability), ABCoA is continually raising the standard for software in the subprime industry. Founding member of the Association of Dealer Management Software (ADMS). cyclCRM™ and Deal Pack® are products of Advanced Business Computers of America, Inc. For more information, please visit, or

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